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Shelter Needed

Previous Chapter A Po-Matoran stood atop a rocky outcropping, squinting underneath his Kanohi as he tried to see through the white radiance of the afternoon sun immersing the plains around him. He gleaned small sprouts of shrubbery along the endless … Continue reading

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The Village of Weary

Shores of Strathmere, NJ, circa March 2009. Self Taken. Previous Chapter  The Village of Weary Brutaka looked towards the ocean as he cleared away another shovelful of sand, watching his work crew wheelbarrow it back to the beach. With the … Continue reading

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The Island to the North

Previous Chapter A lone Matoran sails at night on the open ocean. She watches the Red Star over the prow of her boat as it bobs over the shallow seas, unsure of where it is exactly leading her. She smiles … Continue reading

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Sinister Lost

Frothy whitecaps rose to touch the sides of the boat as the island drew near, but it was not until we walked along the frozen beach that we could admit that we were cold. The wind out there was unyielding, … Continue reading

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The Matoran hiked up the path, hopeful eyes toward the peak beyond the trees. Her breaths were easy, even as the slope grew steep and the air thinned. She didn’t need much to breathe, she realized a long time age. … Continue reading

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