Ocean City Magazine– June 2017

This month’s edition of Ocean City Magazine features three articles written by me. The content can be read in the Issu PDF reader below.IMG_4652

  • In the Kitchen “Voltaco’s” (page 6)
  • The Interview With Hiba Ahmad (page 20)
  • Inside the World of the 5k (page 48)



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Ocean City Magazine– May 2017

IMG_4591.JPGFreelancing for Ocean City Magazine (Ocean City, New Jersey, not MD), four articles in the May 2017 Edition are to my name. The articles can be read in the Issu PDF reader below.

  • The Interview with Mark Jamieson (page 18)
  • In the Kitchen “Philly Pretzel Factory” (page 6)
  • Good Karma “After Prom” (page 60)
  • Activity of the Month “Aerial Yoga at PLAAY Fitness” (page 42)


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Living Life In and Out of Your Journal


Journaling is a great thing – but how much is too much? Check out why and how you should strike the balance.

Another short assignment on HeartBeings.com, this one detailing the reminder to socialize during the introspective moments of winter.  ns-monogram1

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The Hot Chocolate Party

We are hosting a hot chocolate party. You’re invited! And you, and you, and even you too. This Saturday, come over at 7, and we’ll all drink some hot chocolate.

What’s at a hot chocolate party, you say?

Gallons and gallons of it. We have a few Gatorade coolers at our house, the ones that insulate heat or cold; we will fill those up, and then the cooking pots in the pantry. Those will be served with ladles. There will be pitchers too, making their way around. We might go to Target to buy some more containers, if we run out while we are preparing. But there will be hot chocolate abound. We will have as much hot chocolate as our house can hold, and then maybe some more.

Why so much, you ask? Because it is winter, and nothing warms you better in winter than hot chocolate. So you might as well come and get warm among friends. It’ll be jolly and joyful, warm and happy. And because how often do you hear that there is a hot chocolate party happening?

Bring your favorite mug if you wish, but we will supply them too. From bringing it there is nothing stopping you. We will paint some mason jars, some coffee mugs, whatever we can find. As long as it’s filled, it’ll all be fine!

There won’t just be hot chocolate, if that’s what you’re wondering. There will be cookies, marshmallows, all sorts of goodies to nibble. It’s a season of chocolate, so we might as well load up. We will have plenty for you, to fill your heart’s content! We’ll bake all day beforehand, to make sure the evening is well spent. (Yes, there’ll be some additions too, to put in your liquid. Just slip it in, have some sips to taste test, and grin!)

You really should come to our hot chocolate party, you can drink beer any other weekend. It’ll be summer soon, and beers will be the only thing you drink. Cinnamon and peppermint flavored and other drinks will be the main serving for the rest of the month.

So come! Let us enjoy some hot chocolate, and warm ourselves together. ns-monogram1

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“Your test is not the test,” the teacher said once the time was up and pencils were down. His face was smug as he saw all the students expressions. Some were equally as smug. Some were confused, others were visibly upset. He listened to their complaints for a minute, before holding up his hand. “No, everyone. That doesn’t mean the test was not a waste of time. What matters is not what you produce, but how you present it.”

“So what does that supposed to mean?” asked the bratty student in the third row.

“It means, you have the remaining 20 minutes of class to present your essays to me,” the teacher informed them.

“There’s not enough time to do that!” another complained from the back.

“It doesn’t need to take long,” the teacher smirked. “Just get them on my desk, without leaving your seats, in the next 19 minutes, and you’ll find there are different ways of acing a test than just knowing every answer.” He pursed his lips, sat back and waited for the class to take action. “18 minutes.”

The students began to scramble, each row trying to come up with a different solution. The first row of those he knew were suck ups began yelling for his attention, reading off their essays as rapidly but comprehensively as they could. Others were frantically racking their brains for the best paper plane models they could think of. Some of the jocks sitting to the side looked dumbfoundedly at their papers, unsure of what to do. Their paper was crap, surely the presentation would be crap too.

But one student lounged in his seat in the middle of the crowd, at least until the minute marker had arrived. He had been in eye contact with the teacher the whole time. As minutes became seconds, he crumpled his paper up into a ball and threw it towards the teacher. The teacher caught it, nodded to the student, and allowed the kid to leave before the bell rang.

The other students looked at each other, dumbfounded and embarrassed at themselves for not thinking of it sooner. The teacher, however, was looking over his essay, already knowing the kid was going places. ns-monogram1

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How To Stick To Your Diet and Eat Well

How To Stick To Your Diet and Eat Well

Short assignment for an organization called Heart Beings positivity site that focuses a wide range of topics within four pillars/themes of relationships, psychology and spirituality, health, and wealth. ns-monogram1

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The shadow of the Kanohi Dragon passed over the eleven Toa as it flew overhead, deciding whether to continue being a pest or to eliminate the pests below. While it made up its mind, Toa Hagah and Toa Mahri alike were sweating it out in the fiery inferno which raged in the surrounding plains, gripping their tools tightly. Far to the north, a path of destruction loomed in the dragon’s wake, as it used its fiery breath on the land. The Toa were determined to stop the destruction right here, but the battle had been a shaky one—the Kanohi Dragon was a more formidable beast than any Rahi any of them had ever faced, and they wondered if there was any hope of taking it down.

“Behemoth creatures with loads of armor,” Pouks grumbled. “Why did the Great Beings always have a fascination with behemoth creatures with loads of armor?”

“Maybe that can play into our benefit,” Nuparu piped. “We could overheat its systems, perhaps?”

“The dragon thrives on heat,” Norik reminded him. “And under each of those mask scales the Rahi has a ventilation system. Too many vents to try and plug.”

“Whatever we do, we just have to keep it from using its fire,” Hewkii growled as he summoned a boulder to throw the dragon’s way.

“And we can’t let it reach the villages south,” Gaaki reminded them.

“It came from the Great Volcano,” Jaller said. “How are batteries like us supposed to have enough power to suppress something a power plant couldn’t satisfy?”

“Precision,” Kualus answered, firing the tri-bladed staff he carried as the Kanohi Dragon dove towards them. What was intended as a strong stream of frost aimed at the dragon’s underbelly resulted in a thick coating of ice which adhered to its underside, the staff amplifying the Toa of Ice’s elemental abilities. Kualus continued his offense, bombarding the Rahi with ice colder than his Sub-Zero Spear could ever manage. The dragon’s maw opened wide as it roared in pain, fire beginning to conjure in its throat.

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