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Rower and writer— if there’s two things I know I am, it’s those. When not rowing, I’m usually writing. My background is in fanfiction, mostly of the Bionicle fandom, but I am trying to branch out and develop my own material. 

Here’s the stuff my brain usually comes up with:


Protect by Principle (Short Story for’s Fanfic Exchange. January 2018. 3842 words)

Although Toa Dume and his team do not believe that the lava crystal they are protecting can really set off the volcano, they protect it out of principle. 

The People of Tenpravih (Multi-Chapter Project. Bionicle. June 2017-)

After a long winter voyage across the endless ocean, the Utywans come to a paradise. Low on supplies, and in need of shelter, the local elders allow them to sanctuary. Tension with the Utywans and native Tenpravihns soon escalates, and old bonds of trust are tested.

Disassembly— (Short Story, Bionicle, December 2016. 11,559 words)

When Rahi beasts are found dead outside of the villages of Spherus Magna, two Toa begin to investigate. But what they uncover is a plot tied to the origins of the Matoran more sinister than they could imagine. 

The Rhode of Del Vienvi (Multi-Chapter Project. Bionicle. September-December 2016. 7 chapters, ~4-5000 words apiece)

Three Matoran discover a storm with lasting consequences is on track to hit their island home, so they must act to save it; Finding himself trapped on a strange world, the Element Lord of Water is desperate to return to his home.

A Bionicle fanfiction based on the short story “The Kingdom” by Greg Farshtey from 2008.

Mad With Desire (Short Story, Original, June 2016. 1403 words)

A knight pursues the pleasures of maiden; the angels frown upon his wishes. 

In Shape (Short Story, Original, June 2016. 3072 words)

When superpowers start emerging in people, one citizen notices a pattern of how they come to be, or so he thinks…


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