Creative Works


The Door: A guest at a boarding house runs into some of the children that live there. An attempt at horror/paranormal genre. (January 2019, 3102 words)

A Whiff of Craziness: (Short story, Stephen King Prompt, November 2018. 2099 Words) After seeing a news report, a man suspects his ex wife has escaped jail.

The Forgotten Family Member (Original short, January 2018, 2459 words)– A young waitress realizes she cannot be with her family when they come to eat at her restaurant.

The Visitors to Tenpravih (Multi-Chapter Project. Bionicle. June 2017-February 2019)

After a long winter voyage across the endless ocean, the Utywans come to a paradise. Low on supplies, and in need of shelter, the local elders allow them to sanctuary. Tension with the Utywans and native Tenpravihns soon escalates, and old bonds of trust are tested.

Disassembly— (Short Story, Bionicle, December 2016. 11,559 words)

When Rahi beasts are found dead outside of the villages of Spherus Magna, two Toa begin to investigate. But what they uncover is a plot tied to the origins of the Matoran more sinister than they could imagine. 

In Shape (Short Story, Original, June 2016. 3072 words)

When superpowers start emerging in people, one citizen notices a pattern of how they come to be, or so he thinks…


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