About Me

Rower and writer— if there’s two things I know I am, it’s those. My life has revolved around the two hobbies for so long, it’s hard to remember life without either of them. When not rowing, I’m usually writing, and vice versa. I started in 2nd grade, and wrote on and off until middle school when I found a niche. I took off with material through high school and college. 


Guy below the hat, oar out to port side (left part of picture for non rowers)

When I originally started posting online, it was the age of “don’t share your personal information on the internet”, and so I created the pen name of “Nick Silverpen” for the web. It’s still my username on sites such as Archive of Our Own (AO3, which I joined just recently in order to expand), BZPower (a Bionicle Fan community). Though I’m growing into my real name as a writer, I still use the “NS” logo— which I found on Google Images a long time ago— featured at the end of each post as my sign off.

A common theme on this blog is “Under the Umbrella”. I have a loosely connected Bionicle series on this blog called “What Happened to the Toa Nuva”. It’s a long, grand epic around the six heroes of the franchise, but sometimes, in between the chapters I write about them, I have other stories I want to write. So the Umbrella is this long grand series I have planned, and what I have written in the entirety of that endeavor is what comes under it.

My background is in fan fiction, mostly of the Bionicle fandom, but I am trying to branch out and develop my own material. With a degree in Communications, I hope to take my writing with me from a hobby to a career. I’ve experimented with formal stories, a class in scriptwriting, magazine writing, and other genres, and hope to find my place as a writer out there in the world. I hope you, the reader, enjoy the stories featured on this website.

—Nick Matousch-Silverpen  ns-monogram1