About Me

Everyone has the story of their life. The story of the journey they are on, those major moments and relationships in the day to day grind as they become the person they strive to be.

But their are other stories— realms of fiction and fantasy that exist only in the mind. You, the reader, have your own world inside your head, fueled by a combination of memories and wishful thinking. Whether they stem from idealized versions of the actual world, or come completely from deep within your mind, these stories exist in your mind to accompany your life.

I have my own story, the one of my athletic endeavors and goals. Those who know me personally know the long journey I am on.


Cover: On my journey as an athlete, courtesy of Guardin’ State Lifeguarding. 
Here: a shot of the guy who writes all of this.

However, this blog is not for that story. This is for the other stories, to present to you the ones I write with my ink while I work my oar. Ranging from fictional stories to magazine writing, these posts are the realms and tales coming from my mind. You’ll find some originals, some poetry, and a lot of fanfiction. I am still coming into my own with original content. Some are raw, quick jots produced in a few hours, others a few months or even years. But in each I have put a little piece of me, the part with a love of storytelling.

So I hope you enjoy what I have come up with while working with Ink and an Oar.

–Nick Matousch-“Silverpen” ns-monogram1