Finding Their Fit– Leiki Boardshorts: Ocean City Magazine June 2019

Ocean City is the ultimate place to find surf apparel. Stores such as 7th Street Surf Shop, Surfer’s Supplies and Heritage Surf & Sport have brands bathing suits like Billabong and Volcom galore. On the beach, lifeguards sport Maui Rippers. Wherever you go during your summer in Ocean City, there is no doubt you will find all and every type of surf gear represented.

For a group of local dads, the selection of shorts in stores did not meet their needs. Some board shorts are made for comfort and style, while others are built solely for performance out in the surf line. But no brand has it all. Dissatisfied with not finding their perfect fit, the group of friends created an alternative bathing suit that encompassed all aspects of board shorts they enjoy. With no ruffled waistband and styles that suit their tastes, their product of Leiki Board Shorts (pronounced Leaky) has this group’s comfort, preferred style and performance all in one.

“You have Tommy Bahama with the elastic waistband shorts for the older gentleman, which tries to cover all sizes. A medium could be a ruffled waistband that goes from 30-32,” says Bill Law, one of the dads behind Leiki Board Shorts. “That doesn’t have the performance. Then you have Volcom, which has performance but also has crazy styles. There is a gap where that surfer in his mid-thirties to upper forties that surfs pretty aggressive wants to have the performance shorts, but isn’t into the hot pink and all that.”

Once the summer kicks in, Ocean City is a fluster of activity. Things to do, places to eat, places to see. New swag to wear. I write about all of all of the pleasurable things happening around the city in this month’s issue of OC Magazine.

You can read the rest of the article and my other writings in the Issu PDF reader below, or pick up a magazine at your local Ocean City vendor. ns-monogram1

  • In the Kitchen with Red’s Jersey Mex (page 6)
  • The Interview with Becky from Johnson’s Popcorn (page 22)
  • Activity of the Month: OC Municipal Golf Course (page 50)
  • Finding Their Fit– Leiki Boardshorts (page 52)

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