All in the Family– Ocean City Magazine May 2019

Next time you go to the Ocean City Boardwalk, look to see if you can find the ‘established’ date on the signs of the shops. New storefronts are always popping up on the boardwalk, but you may notice a few that have been in business for a very long time.

Local business owners making up the economy of Ocean City have a tradition of their own as well: hard work. Many local names ring a bell in all ages of your family because of the hard work each of their families have done each summer to bring you great services: ‘Uncle Bill’s’, ‘Shriver’s’, ‘Gillian’s’, are just some of the many establishments in the city still owned and operated by their founding family.

Ocean City, New Jersey is a family business town. Very seldom is there a large chain store, with most of the establishments having been run by certain families for generations. I had the privilege of sitting down to talk with some of the oldest family businesses in OC to discuss their perspective on what keeping it in the family really means.

You can read the rest of the article and my other writings in the Issu PDF reader below, or pick up a magazine at your local Ocean City vendor. ns-monogram1

  • In the Kitchen with Beachin’ Bakery (page 6)
  • The Interview with Carrie Merritt (page 20)
  • Keeping It In the Family: Multi Generational Business (page 51)
  • Fight Like Hail (page 53)



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