Ocean City Magazine– Holiday 2018 Issue

Christmas season is almost upon us, which means many families will start to worry about their Christmas cards. How many people are they going to send them out to? The closest 30 of their friends and family?

Last year Robin McCauley sent 6,306 cards out, and she is looking to do more this year. And the best part? The people she is sending them to are total strangers, all whom are near and dear to her heart.

The cards that Robin sends out are part Project Love Cards, care packages for troops serving overseas. With thousands of soldiers serving far from home, they are unable to spend the holidays with the families. Since they are unable to enjoy Christmas morning opening presents, these care packages contain little treats from the area, so that the troops can enjoy a taste of home.

“I wanted soldiers to know people in the States were thinking about them during the holidays,” says Robin. “My brother in-law was serving overseas, and I wanted to do something for him. I was talking to my mom and sister, asking what to do for him, and it all just came together.”

Project Love Cards are a local effort of one woman to send holiday appreciation to those serving overseas and protecting our country. Robin McCauley, the woman behind this, has been hard at work to make sure the troops know we at home appreciate home. Ocean City Magazine wanted to show the community her efforts, and hopefully get word out to donate more cards before the holidays are finally here.

You can read the rest of the article and my other writings in the Issu PDF reader below, or pick up a magazine at your local Ocean City vendor.

  • The Interview with Jody Bourgeois, President at Mallon’s Sticky Buns (page 20)
  • Project Love Cards (page 46)



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