Ocean City Magazine– July 2018

There is more than plenty to do in Ocean City in the summer. The miles of attractions on the boardwalk and Asbury Avenue alone could take up your entire vacation. However, Ocean City Magazine wanted you to know the 29 things you have to do during your time in Ocean City:

  1. Take a selfie at the top of the Giant Wheel. Get a picture of yourself at the top of Ocean City’s most iconic ride! The Giant Wheel at Wonderland looks over the majority of downtown, and you can see the beach and the bay at the same time. Get a shot of yourself immersed in Ocean City’s beautiful landscape from the highest vantage point on the island.

  2. Get a chocolate banana muffin from 4th Street Cafe. There is just something about 4th Street Cafe’s muffins and scones that is off the charts. Their chocolate banana muffins are one of the most unique flavors you’ll ever try. Go see why the local kids go to them for their after school fix, sit down and enjoy the great vibes this little cafe has.

  3. Get a custom tee shirt on the boardwalk. Go get custom Ocean City swag! There are a plethora of stores on the boardwalk Ocean City boardwalk that allow you to make your own tee shirt. They may be corny, sure. But a custom tee shirt that you were able to make? That sounds like a cool keepsake.

With most vacationers to Ocean City New Jersey only having a week or two at the shore, they have limited time to do a countless amount of activities and make the most of their family vacation. The Bucket List: 29 Things You Have to Do In Ocean City is a listicle highlighting some of the activities Ocean City Magazine considered things you must do while you are on the island. 

You can read the rest of the article and my other writings in the Issu PDF reader below, or pick up a magazine at your local Ocean City vendor.

  • The Interview with Mayor Jay Gillian (page 22)
  • The Bucket List: 29 Things You Have to Do In Ocean City (page 58)



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