Ocean City Magazine– June 2018

If you happen to be swimming at the Aquatic Center on 17th and Simpson, take a long hard look at the record board. Many records on the male side have remained untouched for decades, but the women’s side has “Ryann Styer” and “Maggie Wallace” peppered throughout. These two girls— recent Ocean City High School grads and current Ocean City lifeguards— have been making waves in the pool, swimming times never before seen in New Jersey. Since the age of six they have made their mark in as local swimmers, and are soon to continue their success on the national stage as college athletes.


How were you introduced to swimming?

Maggie: My mom swam for Mike Schiavo from Mainland Regional High School, and she pushed me into the pool.

Ryann: My one sister had open heart surgery and the doctor told her that she had to swim, so my mom made all three of us swim. 


What do you like most about the sport?

Maggie: I like the individual and the team aspects. Everyone swims in different events, but your teammates are there to support you.

Ryann: There is a lot going into it. Your place and time in competition are based solely on how hard you work on your race.

“The Interview” is a regularly occurring article in Ocean City Magazine. This article highlights a person of interest in the community. This month’s happened to be a double dip of the two stud senior female swimmers at Ocean City High School, Ryann Styer and Maggie Wallace. Asking them questions about their lives in and out of the pool, I felt as though I got to really know these girls in this exclusive interview.

  • The Interview With Ryann Styer and Maggie Wallace (page 20)
  • Activity of the Month— Liberty Escape Rooms (page 46)

You can read the rest of the article and my other writings in the Issu PDF reader below, or pick up a magazine at your local Ocean City vendor.

Do take a look– this is the 50th issue!



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