Glory Days Magazine– November 10 Edition

No matter what happened on the court during her final few matches as a Raider, senior top singles player Elizabeth Trofa maintained a calm, collected manner on the court. All she can do is get ready for the next set coming her way— there’s no use worrying about what’s in the past now.

Senior Spotlight: Trofa Made Big Impact for Ocean City Tennis

Freelancing for Glory Days Sports Magazine, I’m now reporting on local high school athletes and local sports in the Atlantic City, New Jersey. “Senior Spotlight” is a column in Glory Days highlighting exceptional high school senior athletes. Elizabeth Trofa, a remarkable senior tennis player at Ocean City, was this edition’s subject.

(This is being posted so late because I believed that the December 22nd edition would have another story I wrote and this could be a two for one post, but it will be featured in the January 5th edition)

Glory Days Magazine is the newest multi-media platform covering high school sports in the greater Atlantic City, New Jersey area. Feature stories on current high school players and coaches, as well as former athletes, Q&As, photo galleries and much more are included. 

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