The Hot Chocolate Party

We are hosting a hot chocolate party. You’re invited! And you, and you, and even you too. This Saturday, come over at 7, and we’ll all drink some hot chocolate.

What’s at a hot chocolate party, you say?

Gallons and gallons of it. We have a few Gatorade coolers at our house, the ones that insulate heat or cold; we will fill those up, and then the cooking pots in the pantry. Those will be served with ladles. There will be pitchers too, making their way around. We might go to Target to buy some more containers, if we run out while we are preparing. But there will be hot chocolate abound. We will have as much hot chocolate as our house can hold, and then maybe some more.

Why so much, you ask? Because it is winter, and nothing warms you better in winter than hot chocolate. So you might as well come and get warm among friends. It’ll be jolly and joyful, warm and happy. And because how often do you hear that there is a hot chocolate party happening?

Bring your favorite mug if you wish, but we will supply them too. From bringing it there is nothing stopping you. We will paint some mason jars, some coffee mugs, whatever we can find. As long as it’s filled, it’ll all be fine!

There won’t just be hot chocolate, if that’s what you’re wondering. There will be cookies, marshmallows, all sorts of goodies to nibble. It’s a season of chocolate, so we might as well load up. We will have plenty for you, to fill your heart’s content! We’ll bake all day beforehand, to make sure the evening is well spent. (Yes, there’ll be some additions too, to put in your liquid. Just slip it in, have some sips to taste test, and grin!)

You really should come to our hot chocolate party, you can drink beer any other weekend. It’ll be summer soon, and beers will be the only thing you drink. Cinnamon and peppermint flavored and other drinks will be the main serving for the rest of the month.

So come! Let us enjoy some hot chocolate, and warm ourselves together. ns-monogram1


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