Athlete Endorsement Series

The “Athlete Endorsement Series” is a string of pieces written for#createdfuture, discussing athletic endorsements and some of the companies involved in them, as well as a small aside on sneaker culture within athletics. Here will be the masterpost for all the pieces involved.

How Athlete Endorsements Work breaks down the basics of endorsements/sponsorships.

Sneakers: Top Boutiques in New York/Los Angeles: A quick profile on some of the top sneaker shops in the two areas today.

How Adidas Focuses on Soccer and Hip Hop To Build It’s Brand Adidas is a powerful sponsorship that focuses specifically on soccer to get its product out.

Under Armour’s Risk Could Lead to $14 Billion: A quick discussion on how UnderArmour shares its company with its sponsored athletes.

Emergence of Sneaker Culture in the South: The Southeast states such as south Carolina embrace and grow the sneaker culture, and here’s how.

There are more stories to this series, and I will update the post when they become publicly available.

Featured Image: Contract by Branko Collin is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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