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A Kingdom Refound (The Element Lord Of Water Arrives)

The Element Lord of Water drifted between worlds. One minute he had been riding the River Dormus, the current taking him to the southern sector of Bara Magna. His watery form drifted through the current, traveling the river; He splashed … Continue reading

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What Happened to Them?

“Ninety-seven bula berries, ninety-eight bula berries, ninety-nine bula berries… one hundred bula berries! Ready-hidden or not, here I come!” The Le-Matoran glanced up from the side of his hut, a grin upon his mask as he stared intently into the … Continue reading

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Labor Day Cry

Let seagulls cry for tourists gone home, the winds carry sands to lands unknown. Addresses so specific fade into mystery, the summer is now only sweet history. Clothes grow longer, from cotton to wool, pull the jacket tighter, protection from … Continue reading

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