Giving up a decision

He fumbled around with his hands, his lips following suit as he paced about. His hair stuck up in anticipation, low mumbles escaping his throat. It all seemed like nothing, but it was two things mashing up together into something, in his mind. He could not decide.
East or west?
He could not decide. He wish the decision were easy, like firing a gun. One simple action, and done. But there were advantages to each decision, and he could not decide what the better deal was. The side of the bridge looked out onto the dried up riverfront, onto both paths that he wanted to take. It literally had to take only a step. He could forget the other opportunity if he just took one step in the right direction.
But when he got home, would he be happy with what he did today?
He sighed, leaning against the rail, then leaping back, his knee throbbing from the crossbar between the posts. He shook his leg, feeling the flub that was his skin flopping back and forth. Another sound, faint and resounding caught his attention; the metal chink of change in his pocket.
Coins! He could flip a coin to tell himself where to go. It was absolute. Why should he waste his time when he could have something else make his decision for him. Fishing into his pocket, he pulled out a quarter. Propping it on his thumb, he flipped it into the air. It rotated more times than he could count, and so entranced in its movement…. that he forgot to catch it.
The coin flipped over the bridge, hitting the rail and into the chasm below. He sighed, fumbling into his pocket again. Then stopping, looking at the many spots the quarter could’ve fallen. Maybe he wasn’t supposed to let fate make this decision. Maybe he had to make it himself.


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