Atop A Silent Hill

A writing a did for 14th Street Mag back in October.


Written By: Nick Matousch

Photos By: Patrick Clark

With the message of “bring your own flashlights,” Saturday night’s Soul Crawl at Laurel Hill took away the lights of the city as  tour guide Dave Horwitz and co-workers guided parties through the steep graveyard overlooking the Schuylkill River. Through the dark and with the aid of cheap pharmacy flashlights, we walked to see the all the graves in the huge expanse of the premise. An uncountable amount of celebrities are housed there, like Ben Franklin’s family, mayors of the city of Philadelphia through 1920 and more. If you tour the place yourself, you will probably catch a familiar name in every section of the cemetery.

Everyone expects Harry Kalas’ grave to emphasize his career as a baseball announcer and the display at Laurel Hill Cemetery does not disappoint. Seats from Veteran Stadium stand next to his grave offering a resting spot…

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