Fallen Brother

His claws catching the Dark Hunter’s tools in a swipe, Onua lunged forward, pushing the heavy mercenary further into the crowd battling around them. The Toa of Earth threw his elbow into the Hunter’s chest, whom rolled onto the ground, winded by the Pakari- aided blow. A kick of Po-Metru dirt momentarily blinded him, but his acute senses allowed Onua to lash out with a kick. The satisfying feeling of a chestplate being kicked in, he thought as he gained the upper hand once more.

The Hunter’s raw strength piled into him, and Onua went flying at a statue. Snagging his claws into the stone, he returned his opponent’s force, flying back at him. Enraged and in the heat of battle, the Toa of Earth allowed the momentum to be his excuse to slash his enemy’s face. He leapt off, to the ground, and so the blunt battle between the two continued.

He absorbed each crushing punch that made contact with his chipped and dented armor, but not even his Pakari would help Onua overcome the blow that bothered him for millennia. Even if this fight was won, he had still lost the ultimate battle. The war that raged around him did not matter nearly as much as the argument years before. So many disasters could’ve been avoided if we’d just listened to Tahu, Onua told himself time and time again. I might be a key fighter, but they could’ve still won this war without me, or what others remain. 

It was a mistake, attempting to leave Karda Nui with the Av-Matoran when the storms started. Lewa was the one who rallied for it, and he died as the result; there was not a day when Onua wish he sided with Tahu and Kopaka, no hour in which bitter regret didn’t plague his being. Sure, the remaining five of them were legendary in stopping the League of Six Kingdoms, but it was not worth the death of the high spirited Toa of Air, nor Helryx’s rage upon hearing they defied orders. The Toa Mata aren’t the same without the six of us. Even despite telling himself it was an accident, the Toa of Earth couldn’t brush the dirt off his conscious from the recent disaster that led to Lhikan’s and Nidhiki’s deaths. Another reminder we aren’t meant to be here. Our actions could’ve been averted with our absence. 

The Dark Hunter tripped over him as Onua ducked under his charge. He ripped open a chasm, sending his enemy deep into the earth, but the Hunter dug his tools deep into the walls. Evading elemental attacks, he climbed out with a smirk, as to tell the earth Toa he would have to be better than that to beat him.

The sounds of battle had taken much out of him. His acute senses let him hear the sharp clang of blade on blade, the cannon blast, punctuated cries of his brothers and sisters as they fought around him. The brightness of the sunny canyon in which the battle was fought hurt his eyes- he was an earth dweller, not an open fighter. Onua was not outclassed, but confidence was the key. It was who finished with the most powerful blow, not who started, they both knew, and in that furious clash, Onua had let millennia catch up with him. No matter what happened, he knew which way this fight was going.

Allowing the Dark Hunter the final blow, the Toa of Earth slipped into a sleep that he wish he took long ago.


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