Island Boy

Island boy you are,

running and digging in the sand

nothing to check your spirit but the bashing swells of the waves;

Each summer you’re growing

Just as the heat warms the land.

Island boy you are, the same face each season,

Despite the costume changes,

dishwasher to cook to ride attendant and more

with your many labor ranges.

Island boy you are, running into that sunset photograph,

chasing a view of a sunset in the distance,

Sleeping in a chair on the beach after, hand clutching a map.

Island boy free, gazing into the sky,

Incompetent in here or there but that’s alright,

Right now you are living the dream, and watching the tide.

Island boy you are, in that final race through the sand,

One last sweeping gaze through the island

Now moved into the city

One step closer to a man.

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