The Matoran hiked up the path, hopeful eyes toward the peak beyond the trees. Her breaths were easy, even as the slope grew steep and the air thinned. She didn’t need much to breathe, she realized a long time age. Most of what was in the air down below was simply filler, a mixture of gases that people had become accustomed to. Breathing calmly, she strode forward, a smile on her mask as she winded her way through the trees.

She did not think as she walked. It had brought her too much stress, down on the ground, and even that truly wasn’t thinking-brushing through the pages at work, skimming and rewriting; all that so-called “analysis” was doing nothing to help her mind. So as she walked, she kept her surface thoughts at a minimum. The solidarity was too perfect to interrupt up here, noise being meant for the place she had come from. This climb was to get away from it all- to think and worry on the trail was to plague the mountain, to main the wholesome and healthy forest itself. She kept the thoughts of society at bay, the only sound being the rhythmic crunch of gravel under her boot.

The summit was a clearing, a long stretch of soling, where the only thing higher was the pines. The Matoran placed herself on a rock that overlooked the scene, the mountain towering above the valley she had started. The pines here strained toward the sky, their tips paintbrushes that each hoped to dip into the perfect blue paint above to daub on the scene below. A stream wound down the mountain, through the ravine and back to town almost a day’s hike away. She smiled as she could not see even a glimpse of town below, only a blanket of treetops; The needed her for work, but she didn’t need them, at least for the moment- there was enough food in her pack for when she was hungry, much later. For now she would be free of all that, plenary by herself.

She had first come up here in search for treasure, when she was younger. The treasure map still sat at the bottom of her pack, a momento to an old friend, the person she had beenl what she hadn’t realized was that it was the view that was the treasure. Laying on her side, she appreciated the view before her. One would’ve thought that she was sleeping, but if they could see into her mind, they would’ve known this was the place she was dreaming of.

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